Marietta Hardscapes

Looking for a dramatic facelift for your landscape? Hardscape designs can add much needed dimension and update the look of your home or commercial property. Thoughtfully planned walkways, stairways, patios, pool decks, fences, decks and driveways can complete the look of your overall landscape design. Precision Enterprises can add or renovate hardscapes for your existing landscape or create a new landscape design plan for your home or commercial property.

At Precision Enterprises, we carefully plan your hardscape designs with your vision and tastes in mind prior to installation and adjust as needed as the project comes to life. Given the variety of materials to choose from for your specific hardscapes, we will advise on future maintenance to ensure you fully understand the up-front, as well as the long term, cost of your landscape design.

Beautiful Hardscape Designs

Along with costs, you will also be advised on how each different hardscape material impacts your landscape environment. You may want to choose recycled products or one that contains a mix of virgin product as well as recycled wood, brick or plastic materials. Some recycled products can last longer than virgin products while having a positive affect on conservation efforts. Brick and porous pavers laid in sand allows for water to soak though the soil creating a water drainage solution whereas concrete pavement materials are not porous, thereby increasing runoff which could over soak your soil. Natural wood that is properly treated can last 15-20 years, but maintenance is paramount for resisting decay. Plastic lumber is a viable alternative that can be considered for fences, benches, decks and planters. Whatever your material choice, your landscape design professional is available to advise you prior to your installation and as well as in years ahead to address your hardscape questions.

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