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Pine Straw Delivery and Installation

Pine straw and mulch are an affordable option for home and business owners in Marietta. There are several key benefits to this natural plant material. If you want to support acid-hungry plants and other flora, pine straw mulch is recommended by Highground Land and Hardscapes. When winter rolls around, landscapes also benefit from added protection from pine needles strategically placed in key areas of the lawn and garden.

As the name suggests, pine straw is the byproduct of pine trees shedding their needles. This approach to mulching in your garden is a more affordable option than the bark alternative. There are also greater benefits that include better water percolation and ease of distribution. Other benefits include increased defense against soil erosion and support in locations that are experiencing instability.

As a natural material, pine straw is more resilient than bark. Your landscape will enjoy the benefits of pine straw for a significantly longer period of time.

Application of Pine Straw Mulch

Applying 2 to 3 inches of pine straw mulch is ideal for providing support to plants in sufficiently irrigated soil. However, this application should be increased to around 5 inches when soil is dehydrated or the location is sandy. For woody plants, pine straw should be applied between 3-6 inches away from the trunk. This helps to ensure that decay doesn’t set in and damage the plant. The same principle applies to other plants, with the space between mulch and stems decreased to 2 inches. If you have garden beds, liberal application of pine straw is recommended.

Highground Land and Hardscapes can provide a consultation on the installation of pine straw mulch for customers with green thumbs. We understand the best applications and how to use this natural mulch for nutritional and protective purposes. If you are considering using pine straw to improve aesthetics, our professional landscapers can help with inspiration.

Mulch Delivery and Installation

Alternatively, home, and commercial property owners can turn to Highground Land and Hardscapes for pine straw mulch delivery and installation. In many cases, our services are customer guided, but we can also take the lead in making the right choices for your landscape size, design, and elements.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of pine straw mulch, we are here to provide education and guidance. You are never alone in choosing the most appropriate solutions for keeping plants, trees and shrubs healthy and strong. To completely reinvent your approach to landscape maintenance and floral nutrition, consider pine straw delivery and installation from Highground Land and Hardscapes today!

The switch is quick, affordable and effective when you trust the Highground team on your landscape makeover project. We also offer installation of plants, shrubs, trees, lawns and hardscape features. With our industry professionals on your team, you won’t even recognize your reimagined landscape.

Reach out to Highground Land and Hardscapes if you need an alternative to bark mulch that offers greater benefits. Our landscaping experts will promptly deliver and install pine straw mulch to feed and protect your plant life the whole year round.

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