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Kennesaw Seasonal Flowers

If you are seeking professional landscapers offering seasonal flowers and plants installation and maintenance services in the Kennesaw area, turn to specialists at Highground Land & Hardscapes. The benefits of seasonal flowers are numerous. You get to see a reimagined and vibrant landscape with each new planting, which helps keeps outdoor living a fresh experience. Highground Land and Hardscapes is a professional landscaping company , serving the residents of Kennesaw and surrounding areas, that can take care of all your plant installation and maintenance needs. We understand which plants fare best at any given time of the year, taking the responsibility of lawn maintenance out of your hands.

Placing annuals and perennials in the right location is the first step toward getting the most out of your floral arrangements. The type, color and maintenance needs of plants should dictate certain aspects of landscape design. For better curb appeal and to add value to your West Cobb property, turn to Highground Land and Hardscapes for seasonal flowers.

The aesthetic appeal of seasonal plants is all in how each species blooms and when in relation to surrounding features. Grouping seasonal plants with similar blooming patterns is therefore recommended for maintaining a vibrant landscape. Annual flowers are typically low maintenance, which is ideal for individuals or businesses with limited time for gardening. Many annual plants are self-seeding, so there is no requirement to manually take cuttings or reseed for a larger grouping in the same area. However, this also means that you may need to remove excess plants when an area becomes overgrown.

No matter what challenges you face in making the most from seasonal plants, Highground Land and Hardscapes can take on the task. Our professional understanding of how and when plants bloom is an essential asset to our residential and commercial customers. Call today if you need planting or maintenance services in or around Kennesaw.

Perennial Planting and Maintenance

Replanting of annuals occurs each year, whereas perennials go dormant out of season and then bloom for up to six weeks each year. Although annuals typically bloom for longer periods of time, perennials are usually the hardier choice. Home and business owners in Kennesaw or surrounding area may decide to include a variety of both types of plants to create a vibrant and ever changing garden. At Highground, we can make recommendations on the best seasonal varieties to create your ideal landscape. Our seasoned professionals are versed in species from all over the world.

Plant care is a learning curve for those who do not have previous gardening or landscaping experience. It is therefore recommended that you consult with a specialist landscaping company if your West Cobb garden contains a wide variety of native and exotic plants. Highground Land and Hardscapes takes out the guesswork, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your outdoor spaces any time of year.

Arranging seasonal plants successfully relies on knowledge of nutritional needs. Mulch, plant feed, irrigation and draining are important considerations. The shape and slope of your land will affect how well your seasonal plants will benefit from nutritional sources. The specialist landscapers from Highground Land and Hardscapes can install systems that take all these challenges into account, allowing your plants to thrive in any landscape environment.

Seasonal Plant Consultation

If you are in the process of designing or redesigning a landscape and need help choosing the most appropriate seasonal plants, Highground Land and Hardscapes offers a free consultation to all customers in Kennesaw and surrounding areas. We cover delivery, installation and maintenance of all seasonal plants, shrubs and trees. Our team is highly professional and work meticulously to ensure your floral arrangements remain healthy and vibrant.

Contact our office today if you are in search of the most effective seasonal flowers for unique West Cobb landscapes. We are committed to helping you strike that perfect balance between annuals, perennials, your lawn and hardscape features.

Give your property the “wow” factor!

Our Client Reviews

5.0 / 5.0

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Joshua L.

Best Landscaping crews in Georgia. This is NOT a massive company, meaning it’s much easier to get to know them on an individual basis and truly understand who is spending time on your property to maintain it. It is clearly apparent based on their work that both quality and attention to detail are the cornerstones of this company. Highly recommend.

Phil F.

Very knowledgable. Very dependable. If you want top notch landscape work for a fair price they are your solution. They came through with an awesome design and have done a wonderful job keeping it beautiful for 4 yrs now. We highly recommend!

DeMaris V.

Excellent one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. Professional on time staff and years of wonderful experience!

Carleigh O.

Their design work is very creative. Installed a beautiful water feature at my home. I highly recommend them!

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