Marietta Outdoor Lighting Company

When planning your landscape design, be sure to include outdoor lighting features. Outdoor lighting can compliment the architectural design of your home or commercial property, provide needed security as well as enhance your property value. Whether your outdoor lighting needs are renovation, new installation or maintenance, Precision Enterprises is here to offer you the best in every aspect of landscape design.

Outdoor lighting enhances the look and feel of your property once the sun has set. Besides being an important security feature, lighting your property at night can add hours of enjoyment to your outdoor entertaining areas as well as create a tranquil ambiance in your private relaxation space. The knowledgeable landscape design experts at Precision Enterprises can propose an outdoor lighting plan with creative and thoughtful ideas that incorporate your personal tastes to create a unique look for your property. We can recommend types of lighting that can accent certain hardscapes on your property. We will also work with your builder or architect to prepare the lighting requirements you decide upon such as wiring, mount placements and conduits.

Landscape Lights Installation & Repair

Choosing the right mix of outdoor lighting can be overwhelming. Your choices may seem endless: uplighting, downlighting, floodlights, wall washing, moonlighting, filtered lighting and well lights are just a few options. Our landscape design professionals can work with you to recommend the style and variety of lighting that will work best for your property. Dramatic effects as well as subtle soft lighting can be incorporated together into an overall outdoor lighting plan that is sure to please you and enhance the overall beauty of your home or commercial property.

Enhance Your Outdoor Areas With Our Lighting Designs!

Our landscape design experts have years of experience working with many different lighting manufacturers. Precision Enterprises works only with trusted manufactures that produce quality eco-friendly lighting. All of our outdoor lighting manufacturers offer solid product warranties. We will ensure total customer satisfaction when it comes to your landscape design and outdoor lighting with our own warranty.

Please call or contact our Marietta Outdoor Lighting Company today and we can help you make your home or commercial property look beautiful day and night!